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End of Semester/Start of Summer

The end of semester, a busy time.
A brief description of how we work on finding copying/plagiarism in INF 312
We’ll be presenting at a UT System conference in early June; stay tuned.


FCC can’t mandate Broadcast Flag…

“… because the rules promulgated by the Flag Order regulate demodulator products after the transmission of a DTV broadcast is complete, these regulations exceed the scope of authority Congress delegated to the FCC. And because the Commission can only issue regulations on subjects over which it has been delegated authority by Congress, the rules adopted by the Flag Order are invalid at the threshold jurisdictional inquiry.”

American Library Association v. FCC, No. 04-1037b, D.C. Court of Appeals, May 6, 2005


Copyright in the Digital Age

I’m using Google Alerts to get articles about copyright and other subjects, and the things I see disturb me.
The boy scouts of Hong Kong are getting an IP badge. I wonder what they’re taught about IP? The industries pushed the concept. I’d like to see what they’re learning.
It disturbs me that there’s so much FUD associated with copyright. Search for “Sharing isn’t Caring,” a phrase I got from Google Alerts, on a search engine. You’ll get an eyeful, and an eyeful that is in many respects, wrong. We’ve got Christianity Today lamenting the fact that only 20 percent of their readers (from a poll) believe that all ripping/burning is illegal while 34% believe that personal copying is okay. That’s sad. Audio Home Recording Act, anyone? The Rio case? etc. etc.?


School of Information Skills Survey

I’m doing an informal survey about the skills the people should have before info school and skills they should have by the time they leave info school. If you’re interested and have the time, the url is