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Notes Fest

I’m teaching a course, INF 312 this semester. It’s going to be great, but certainly keeping me busy. ^_^ Between working full time, teaching, going to class and working on a couple of research projects, it’s going to be a fascinating semester. ^^

But now for some brief notes. ^_^

  • Dinosaur Feather Colors – Perhaps a strange thing to start with, but cool nonetheless. ^_^
  • Copyright and Cultural Institutions – An incredibly useful book for libraries, archives, and museums in the US involving copyright. Really, one of the best new resources out there. One of my copyright idols (and that goes on the list of ‘phrases you never expected to use’), Peter Hirtle is one of the authors. Creative Commons licenses and also freely available, but I’m going to buy a hard copy when I get a chance.
  • The Google lawsuit settlement moves ahead full steam. Pamela Samuelson has a number of really great articles on the Huffington Post about them. These articles are one of the reasons I still look at the Huffington Post despite all of it’s bs supporting anti-vaccination and homeopathy.