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William Patry, Back in Blog

I’m very excited: the always-worth-reading William Patry is blogging again at Moral Panics and the Copyright Wars! His new book of the same title just got added to my Amazon Wish List.

He is currently having a relatively pleasant disagreement with Ben Sheffner of the Copyright & Campaigns blog. Sheffner is an advocate of strong copyright laws, and his blog is generally quite informative from that particular viewpoint.

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From the damned-if-you-do department…

Techdirt is discussing the very strange lawsuit against text-sharing site Scribd. The strangest part of this particular lawsuit involves Scribd’s copyright protection measures. Because Scribd has to have a copy of the work at some point and in some form in order to make sure that the infringing file can’t be uploaded for public viewing, the lawsuit is apparently claiming that their protection itself violates copyright.

If Scribd is found infringing in this manner, the decision has some potentially far-reaching implications for the implementation of copy protection technologies, and (following the money) the businesses that create such technologies.

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