Grokster Discussion

One of the best Grokster discussions is on SCOTUS.


It’s making the blog rounds now, that Grokster has been overturned 9-0. People are still and will be arguing whether or not the decision is a bad thing. Here’s a Copyfight link on the Grokster decision. Time to read the decision in its entirety in my copious spare time and update the 312 copyright module.
Edit: I said overturned- returned to the lower court is more accurate.

Telecampus Presentation

I’ve been slow in updating the blog recently- we’re buying a house! So I’ve been excited and busy. Also, things at work are getting very hectic. Quinn has been in overdrive as a result of the IMLS grant, but as a result we’ve got some great things coming up in the areas of digital preservation and conservation, more on that next month when we start setting up the digitization lab.

The UT Telecampus IOL presentation went well, I think. Three of us (Sam, Quinn, and I) were there live, and Kayla and Patrick came in over iChat (next time, perhaps, Skype). I only got to briefly address the privacy, records, and copyright issues that come with moving a course to the digital realm, because I had to spend some time addressing our encounters with student copying and plagiarism. I had a couple of questions on the subject after the presentation. Thursday I’m giving another very small local presentation on the subject- I hope to add something about how I looked at the developing electronic rules of evidence (one of the reasons I remembered to add the blog in the last entry) and the concepts of authenticity, reliability, and accuracy.

Sound Evidence

Added a new site to the blog list- Sound Evidence, a site about electronic discovery and similar issues. Definitely an important subject when considering the law and electronic resources, records, computer security, and so on.