Sony BMG Settlement Info, Looking at an older settlement.

EFF: Sony BMG Settlement Info

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is encouraging people to claim their due from Sony/BMG, which was due to the security nightmare caused by their overreaching copyright protection mechanisms.

Speaking of settlements, I recently ran into a reminder of an older CD settlement related to charges of price-fixing. As part of that settlement, the industry promised to give libraries and other institutions CDs to promote musical programs and activities, and made very grand statements about how they would not be providing overstocks or titles that you would want to throw away. That, apparently, was not at all honest.

My mother is the Coordinator for Technology Integration at Region One in the state of Texas, which serves all of south Texas’s school districts. Like the other stories I linked above, they are distributing multiple copies of the same CDs, some very obscure, some marked for promotional use only, and so on. There were so many of the same ones, so little interest in some of these CDS, that now they are going to have to destroy the remainder of what they received. They couldn’t get anyone to take them.

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