Grokster v. MGM

The oral arguments for Grokster v. MGM took place today.
For those of you who might not know, this case is quite important to the future of copyright here in the US. And it puts the Betamax doctrine pretty much on trial (which, basically, states that as long as a product is capable of noninfringing uses, it is a legal product). There are several blogs carrying stories about the arguments, including EFF’s Deep Links.

Scrivener’s Error also has commentary. I very much enjoy the blog, despite my complete disagreement with his copyright infringement=theft arguments (and many of his arguments in Ellison v. Robertson et al [AOL]) . The blog is very well written and I tend to view the great majority of the viewpoints favorably. One of the great services that he provides is the perspective of the author (rather than the more commonly seen publisher/distributer/RIAA/MPAA). He strongly favors author and moral rights, and provides an understandable voice for that view. While I disagree with the amount of protection a work should receive, I do agree that the current system is out of whack, and overall the blog is great reading. ^_-

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