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So many acronyms, so much time. A Daily Texan story from last Friday addressed the MPAA going after filesharers on Internet2, just like the RIAA. Ah, the spread of fear.

The Associated Press is going to charge online licensing fees. Some news outlets already purchase stories from the AP, but now every newspaper will need to license the content to post online. Now we’ll just need to wait and see if a) there is an overall increased cost to the news entity, and b) how these costs will affect the consumer.

Saw this story at SivacracyDeAngelo Bailey v. Marshall Bruce Mathers III, a/k/a Eminem Slim Shady [PDF] was decided in favor of Eminem. A person that Eminem mentioned in his lyrics as a guy who bullied him when he was a kid sued Eminem, and basically lost because as it turns out, although the song most definitely (and obviously) exaggerated events, the guy really was something of a bully when he was a kid.

Public School Proselytizing is troubling in several respects. I can’t agree that the books in question should be removed from the library without really understanding what’s going on at the school. What I do believe is that the manner that the book is being provided- at least the Journey to Japan book, in an accelerated reader program- seems entirely inappropriate given the bias in the book, particularly if, as noted, there is no context provided with the book. If the book was a regular part of a library collection, that is different. Then we have to look at how and why the book was acquired…

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  1. samantha said,

    September 20, 2006 @ 3:51 am

    i think that eminem is one of the greatest rappersthe world has seen yet and no one can take his place all the shit about him being sued isa load of shit he shgould come of his retirement and do what he does best. RAP.

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