Who owns Superboy?

From The Comic Wire, JUDGE SAYS SIEGELS OWN SUPERBOY. WILL IT AFFECT “SMALLVILLE?” So, who owns Superboy? For the trademark, it’s pretty clear that DC owns it. For the copyright of the character, it’s not nearly so clear. The copyright histories of Superman and Superboy are fairly complicated. This article has a brief history of some of the struggles of the authors and publishers about control of the Super characters. (â„¢?)

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  1. JO said,

    April 11, 2006 @ 6:52 am

    I would think other issues would be involved. Conner Kent is NOT Clark Kent, and he’s not actually the original Superboy of old, he’s a clone of Superman. As for Smallville, Clark Kent was never superboy; he’s based more on the original storyline in which Superman is revealed to the world with no prior “super” history, i.e., never been introduced as Superboy, more like on what the “Superman” movies were based. In Smallville, he’s just be another one of the unusual characters that resulted because of the meteor shower, as far as anyone else is concerned. I can see there would be many issues to consider.

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